Alfonso Auñón García (Heineken): Role of video is crucial, but you have to add credibility, purpose and meaning to become really successful

Súťaž o najlepšie svetové employer branding video – Golden Clip Awards 2017 – je za nami. My vám prinášame rozhovor s Alfonsom Auñón Garcíom, Global HR Business Partnerom z Heinekenu. Jeho myšlienky ohľadne employer brandingu si môžete prečítať tak, ako nám ich povedal – v originálnom znení v angličtine 🙂

Can you remember a day, when EB started to be a “hot and live topic” in your/Heineken’s life?
That was the moment when we socialised the results of our 6-month research to unveil the essence of our unique HEINEKEN culture. At that point we knew we had a story to tell, a jewel that is distinctive and exciting for our own employees and something that we knew would also work with external audiences

Do you have an open discussion with all businesses/departments inside Heineken about EB? May they join/create it?
This was a truly company effort, cross functional and cross regional. From the very beginning the employer brand team was a kaleidoscope of people from HR, marketing, communications and more that 15 country teams, all co-creating together from defining our brand values to executing the campaign locally. In fact that made the journey longer (lots of discussion and different views) which led to a rich and credible story that everyone feels part of

Or what are criteria that tell you, that EB strategy is set up in a good way? How do you measure it?
For us it has to be an expression of who we are. Our employer brand is truly HEINEKEN, authentic and bold and that is why we feel so proud about it. Our biggest ambition is quality of hire since we do not have a problem with attracting candidates due to our global consumer brands. Currently we measure our external brand equity and conversion rates at all stages of our recruitment process from the moment a potential candidate gets in touch with one of our Go Places assets (E.g.: manifesto film) to then take the interview, apply and get a job.

What is the role of video in today’s development of EB?
Crucial, but also really hard to make a difference. The market is so cluttered with videos that consumers and candidates only give attention to outstanding pieces of film. And it is not always about films which are flashy and carry huge investments, it is about credibility, purpose and meaning. Innovation is also key. In our case we were quite daring and created for the first time ever an interactive interview making the video not only an interactive and engaging experience but also relevant for the interviewee since at the end of it each individual gets their personal profile with great learnings about themselves 🙂

What do you think about the future of EB? How would it look like?
Much more connected with corporate and consumers brands. In fact I see this as part of one story just told to different people in different ways and through different channels. I do also see employer branding shifting away from HR and being much more cross functional with diversity of profiles and much more specialised.

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